Life is Back to Normal

So it’s Sunday morning. Other than rhythmically swigging Ensure or Crystal Light on a regular alarm every 12 minutes, I think that life has returned to normal. I am taking it very easy in an overabundance of caution until I get checked out next week. However, all-in-all, I seem to be making a remarkable recovery from my sleeve gastrectomy on Tuesday morning. Other than a case of “anesthesia head” on Tuesday and Wednesday, I might wonder whether Dr. Lin actually did the procedure at all.

Beware: Gory Details!
The fact that I woke up with a drain full of nasty bloody bodily fluids sticking out of my abdomen, and three stitched up incisions is strong evidence otherwise. However, I have had negligible pain, no discomfort when I drink my fluids, and I’m getting around quite well.

I had hoped to be writing more actively. I’ve had some thoughts on beekeeping, I want to add more hints about my tools for genetic genealogy and another friend got their email hacked … I have been meaning for years to write one web page that instructs how to clean up your mess after this happens, instead of rewriting the instructions, slightly differently each time, for friends when I receive “that email” indicating that their email was hacked. That would go under computing. So far, nothing written. I always have to choose between doing, and writing about doing. There was also a rather curious discovery we made in the archives on the week before my surgery, that I was going to share pictures on.

At any rate, I am back from the hospital, I’m in great shape and hopefully I’ll spend some time writing about things instead of doing things. Thanks for all the cards, emails, flowers and good wishes to Paula and myself.

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