National DNA Day!

April 25 is the National DNA Day 2018 … celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the Human Genome Project’s completion and its impact on our lives. There are various events scheduled for the days around the 25th. That web site also includes fifteen pages celebrating the project with discussions of breakthroughs made since completion, with videos and links to more information. It is definitely worthwhile for any genetic genealogist to take a look. You might find something of interest.

In celebration of DNA Day, all the DNA testing companies are having sales on DNA testing kits:

Family Tree DNA is offering 40% off all their DNA testing products through April 28. This includes their atDNA, their Y-DNA and their mtDNA testing kits, as well as their combination packages. Their atDNA test is $49.

Ancestry DNA is offering their atDNA kit for $59 through April 29.

23andMe is offering 30% their atDNA products through April 25. Their basic atDNA test without health reports is $69.

MyHeritage DNA is offering their atDNA kit for $69 through April 25.

So, if you were thinking of doing some atDNA testing, here is your opportunity.

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