My Family History and Research

My name, at birth, was Robert Bryan GUTTMANN. My parents are both Ashkenazi Jews who were born in Germany and lived there during the rise of the Nazi extermination campaign known as the Holocaust or the Shoa. They each escaped from Nazi Germany after Kristallnacht and fled to South America with a fragmented part of their family. Eventually they both ended up in the United States, where I and my brother were born. Our sister was born in Brazil where we were living at the time.

I research our family history using traditional methods of records searching and analysis. I also have been working on genetic genealogy research to match triangulated segment with known common ancestors.

Families that I Research

There is a list of family names that I research at this page: The list changes occasionally, and I am creating starting pages for each family name.

My Published Family Trees

There are several ways that you can access my family tree.

The most current and correct version of my research is stored locally on my computers in a genealogical database. This is also where my research notes, raw data, etc. are stored, with backups.

I am hoping to get to a point where I can once again publish my family tree and related information directly on my own web site. At present it is not possible to maintain a “split-horizon” view of the data, with strong access restrictions on the data that pertains to living people. Consequently, I use several online genealogy services as the access points where I publish the data.

Ancestry.COM Family Tree

Ancestry.COM is currently the place where I synchronize my database to the Internet. The site is named “Guttmann Rosenburg Koppel Sigman Families” and the URL is

Access to non-living individuals is available to anybody who has a records research account on Ancestry.COM just by clicking on the link. If you do not have an Ancestry account, or if the link does not take you to my family tree, contact me and I will send you an invitation to view the tree for free. You will need to create a username and password on Ancestry, but then you will have access to my tree. I am not sure whether the link will work if you have purchased a kit from AncestryDNA, but I don’t think that you will need a separate username and password.

Living individuals are not shown by default. In general, I will only provide access to living individuals if you are confirmed as a family member. If you are not a confirmed family member, please review my sharing policy. Non-family will be granted access to living persons on a temporary basis, evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

To avoid confusion here … “confirmed as a family member” does not mean that one of the DNA matching services says that we are second or third cousins. I am afraid that puts you into a group of over 100,000 “relatives” and we will have to do better than that. My sharing policy intends to protect you and your family as much as my own.

Browsing and Matching a GEDCOM

I don’t provide a downloadable GEDCOM file online. Contact me if you have your family tree in a sharable (sanitized) GEDCOM format and would like to compare it to mine. My tree is a bit too large to eyeball, so it will be necessary to use some automated tools to find matching individuals. I can run this on my computer. There are also some online tools that might be useful for doing some matching. I would get your explicit permission before doing anything with your GEDCOM outside the security of my computers.

Geni : A Global Family Tree

Geni is a global family tree site. Instead of a site where each user has their own personal family tree, Geni connects family trees with matching individuals into one interlinked tree. Individual genealogists collaborate to merge individuals and reconcile conflicting information. Geni has a very broad reach and is curated by a cadre of volunteer genealogists.

My profile on Geni is Robert Bryan Jenson né Guttmann. In the family research pages linked here, you will see hyperlinks from individual names to their Geni profile.

To access data on Geni, you will need to create a free account and log in to browse the tree. You can skip entering all the information about your family until you are ready to connect yourself to the tree. Once you have a Geni account and you have logged in, you will be able to browse the tree, and click on links to individual profiles.

If you are a family member, please contact me after you have created a Geni profile so that we can link your profile into the world family tree, and invite you to the family group.

My DNA Kits

I deleted all my public kits from GEDMatch in 2019. None of the kit numbers should provide data any more. If you downloaded GEDMatch matches before November 18, 2019, some of these kits might match your data:

Kit IDWhose Kit?
M770426my mother
PM367889M1my phased DNA (maternal)
PM367889P1my phased DNA (paternal)

The following kits are on GEDMatch Genesis.

Kit IDWhose kit?
SQ7350329my sister
KV9457288my mother
UT3757008M1my phased DNA (phased maternal)
UT3757008P1my phased DNA (phased paternal)
SQ7350329M1my sister (phased maternal)
SQ7350329P1my sister (phased paternal)

My brother’s DNA is not sequencable, unfortunately.

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