My Family History

My name, at birth, was Robert Bryan GUTTMANN. My parents are both Ashkenazi Jews who were born in Germany, escaped from the Nazi regime and fled to South America. Eventually they both ended up in the United States, in New York City, where I was born.

All of the ancestry that I have traced so far is Ashkenazi Jewish, mostly from Germany and German-speaking regions of what is now Poland. DNA testing confirms this. I and my brother are the first generation of our family born in the United States, with the exception of our great-grandfather, William ROSENBURG, who was born in 1856 in Baltimore, Maryland in 1856. He then moved back to Karlsruhe, Germany, married and raised his family there.

All other ancestors that we have traced so far are from Germany, or German-speaking Poland.

Principal Research

Paternal Surnames and Places


Maternal Surnames and Places

Adlerstein, Altshul
Bacharach, Beile, Benjamin or Benjamin-Frankel
Heichelheim or Heuchelheim, Heyum
Kahn or Cahn
Mayer or Maier
Schemes, Sigmann or Sigman

My Published Family Trees

There are several ways that you can access my family tree, trees that feed into it, and in some cases related trees that have some connection to it.

Ancestry.COM : Guttmann Rosenburg Koppel Sigmann Families

This is the most up-to-date published copy of my family tree. I keep this tree synchronized within a few days with my working research database on my computer.

If you have a records research account on you should be able to follow the link by clicking on it. If you do not have an Ancestry account, or the link does not take you to my family tree, contact me (include your email address in the form) and I will send you an invitation to view the tree for free. You will need to create a username and password on Ancestry, but you will be able to view my tree (or any other that you are invited to) for free. Living individuals are not shown by default. In general, I will only provide access to living individuals if you are a confirmed family member or a researcher willing to comply with my sharing policy.

GEDMatch : GEDCOM file

I don’t have a downloadable GEDCOM file available online. Contact me if you have your family tree in a GEDCOM format and would like to compare it to mine. There are some tools available for comparing GEDCOMs.

A sanitized GEDCOM file of my research is uploaded to GEDMatch and you may compare your GEDCOM or others that are loaded to GEDMatch. The GEDCOM ID is 2349793.

You can browse the GEDCOM by clicking on this link. Living persons are hidden, but you can click on the Pedigree box to see my ancestors and navigate the GEDCOM that way. This does not get updated as often as the tree on Ancestry.

You will need to create a username and password to use the tools on GEDMatch.

Geni : A Global Family Tree

Geni is a global family tree site. Instead of a site where each user has their own personal family tree, Geni connects family trees with matching individuals into one tree. Individual genealogists collaborate to merge individuals and reconcile conflicting information. Of the three global family trees listed here, Geni seems to have the broadest reach and has been carefully curated.

Geni was acquired by MyHeritage and they have been crosslinking Geni to their paywalled records research and family tree sites. I think that this is deteriorating, not improving the quality of Geni, but for now, it is still a useful tool.

My profile on Geni is Robert Bryan Jenson né Guttmann. You will need to create a free account and log in to browse the tree.

My DNA Kits

The following kits on GEDMatch connect to my immediate family members. If you run your kit against one of these and find a significant match, please contact me.

Kit ID Whose Kit?
M367889 mine
M770426 my mother
PM367889M1 my phased DNA (maternal)
PM367889P1 my phased DNA (paternal)

The following kits are on GEDMatch Genesis.

Kit ID Whose kit?
SQ7350329 my sister
UT3757008 mine
KV9457288 my mother
UT3757008M1 my phased DNA (phased maternal)
UT3757008P1 my phased DNA (phased paternal)
SQ7350329M1 my sister (phased maternal)
SQ7350329P1 my sister (phased paternal)

My brother’s DNA is not sequencable, unfortunately.

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