It’s né not née

Some time in 2017 I was bitten again by the genealogy bug. Again. I realized that I would be emailing many strangers in order to collaborate on family trees and DNA matching. My change of name when I married was confusing people with whom I corresponded. The fact that I took my wife’s surname when we married was confusing and a distraction to communication about genealogy. I decided to adopt the suffix née Guttmann in my email signature, to make it clear that my birth surname is Guttmann, not Jenson.


French has linguistic gender. Different forms for masculine and feminine nouns and adjectives. Since it is much more common for women to change their surname at marriage, the suffix is most commonly used by women. I just assumed that it was the common term.


Well, I am now trying to find all the places where I used née and changing them to né, since I am biologically male, and I self-identify as male. So, it should be Rob Jenson né Guttmann.

I am correcting my web pages, genealogy web site profiles, etc. If you find one that I missed, please contact me to let me know.

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