I have been an amateur genealogist, on and off, since the 1990’s. The focus of my research has been my own family, beginning with my parents and working backwards. It is a lifelong learning process. Pages and posts tagged with genealogy will talk about my own genealogical journey, tools and techniques, and similar topics.

Recently, this has become an obsession for me. DNA sequencing and matching now makes it possible to find relatives based on matching segments without knowing how you are connected. The hard part now is to make the connections and chart the relationships. I am just beginning to get my head around the genetic genealogy.

When I last was serious about genealogy, in 2002-2003, the techniques were mostly manual, paper-and-pencil, very difficult. I would travel to the local Family History Center (FHC), order some microfilmed records, wait a few weeks, travel back to the FHC to review the records, repeat. Today, there are multiple competing services with online databases of vital records, other researcher’s family trees, DNA matching sites, etc. It is overwhelming how much data is available.

Posts About Genealogy

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