Waiting for Santa Bee

This image of a beehive with Christmas stockings is going viral among beekeepers and their friends. I decided to try to track down the original instead of posting someone else’s art on my site. Fortunately, someone emailed me a copy with the watermark intact and I found the source. Kudos to Kelsey Janak for such a nice image. She has a blog that includes beekeeping at https://www.thewildernest.net/


Of course, all the beekeepers are joking “just 23,476 more stockings to go” (or another number that reflects how many bees are clustered in that hive right now).

So, what are you going to get for your bees for the December Holiday of your choice? Feel free to post comments with species-appropriate gift suggestions for your bees.

I am planning to expand our little apiary into a neighbor’s yard in the spring. So, I have to be thinking about how much woodenware, frames, and all the requisites to go from three hives to … well, maybe six? It all depends on how well we do over the winter. I have asked Santa Bee to consider letting me purchase an inexpensive infrared imaging camera so that I can see how the girls are getting along through the winter.

I would love to find someone artistic here in the DC area who would like to decorate our beehives with mini-murals. Preferably, for the cost of materials … but I could probably manage a small honorarium for an artist with some spare time. Contact me if you are interested. That would be a nice gift for the bees, their keepers and the neighbors.

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