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I wish that I had the time to write a post every day about my beekeeping adventures. It is a fascinating experience and people are always asking me about the bees. There is so much to learn … so much to observe … so many interesting people with a fascinating range of ideas. I take copious notes at bee club meetings and classes that would probably be useful to somebody if I can can get them cleaned up. Unfortunately, writing is time-consuming and I have bees to manage. When I post about bees, they will appear on this page.

It Must “Bee” Christmas

Gifts for beekeepers!


2:1 Syrup to Fondant

Today (November 13, 2019) is going to be the coldest day of the year here in the DMV since the…

Wax Moth At Work

Honey Mistaken for Meth?

A man was jailed for importing honey from Jamaica because customs thought that it was liquid meth.


Playing with a Beekeeping Timeline

I am playing with creating a timeline of events of interest to beekeepers. Doing some background research on pests like…


Waiting for Santa Bee

This image of a beehive with Christmas stockings is going viral among beekeepers and their friends. I decided to try…


Lessons Learned With an Ulster Observation Hive (Part 1)

I volunteered to bring an observation hive to a pollinator panel that was held this past weekend (Oct. 7, 2018)…

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Beekeeper’s Conflict of Interest

The other day I was about to start weeding the yard when I realized that they were flowering. So far…

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