How We Got Started in Beekeeping

Early in 2017, a friend of ours, we’ll call him “Dan,” started taking a class on keeping honey bees. I had been interested in bees years earlier, but my wife said that she did not want to have bees in our backyard. When she invited Dan to keep his bees in our yard, I saw my opportunity. I attended the pilot introductory beekeeping course at the Bee Care Institute in Washington, DC . Dan and I decided to partner up as beekeepers.

Dan ordered a starter kit and some additional boxes, and a bee suit. He also reserved an overwintered nuc of locally raised Italian honey bees (Apis mellifera ligustica). All I needed to do is find a bee suit that would fit me.

We brought home the nuc on April 27, 2017. After giving the colony a couple of days to get adjusted to their new location, we transferred the frames into a 10-frame deep box on a stand on our back patio.

Seeing how we care about our bees and worry about their wellbeing, Paula refers to us as “bee daddies.” We like that, so our official apiary business name is “Bee Daddies Apiaries.” It is now official, because I bought the domain name and stood up a web site for it. We need a good logo now.