Beekeeper’s Conflict of Interest

The other day I was about to start weeding the yard when I realized that they were flowering. So far I’ve seen forsythia and crocuses in bloom. A neighbor brought me some beautiful flowers from her camellia trees this week. However, there are still relatively few flowers for the bees to forage. Should I be killing bee food in my yard? Weeds might not be their preferred source of nectar or pollen, but it is food and its ready. I hate to let the weeds get away from me, but I would rather have a weedy lawn and well-fed bees.

We have had several days of insane winds. 70 MPH sustained gusts. Very unusual for inland Maryland. I noticed that a few of our girls were flying back and looking for someone to exchange nectar with. There were no takers on “the porch.” I wonder how many went out and could not find their way home?

All winter we were worried that the colony might not survive the winter. Now it’s early March, and it’s time to start worrying about the colony swarming. Time to learn about splitting, ASAP.

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