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Links to online information about honey bees that I have found to be informational, interesting, useful, etc. with a feeble attempt to categorize them. The date in squiggly brackets, sometimes called “braces” — “{” and “}” — is the date that I added the link to this page, so you can scan for changes. Base date is set to 2020-05-25.

Caveat lector! That means … “Reader beware.” The bar to entry for creating content on the Internet is to have fingers or an equivalent. I have spent extensive time studying the pages to verify the trustworthiness of the information presented at any of these sites. If you find links that have rotted, or rotten content at the end of one of these links, contact me and let me know. I am not interested in link exchanges or unsolicited offers to help fix my SEO, thank you.

I can’t credit everyone from whom I have poached these links … many posted to my local club mailing lists or Facebook pages.

Beekeeping Resources and Blogs

  • Bad Beekeeping Blog. Written by Ron Miksha of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Includes an extensive list of bee links, and some bee jokes. {2020-05-25}
  • Beekeeping365! A blog dedicated to documenting sustainable beekeeping via a calendar of the beekeeping season. {2020-05-25}
  • BeeSource Beekeeping. An online beekeeping community with forums, online articles, product reviews, etc. {2020-05-25}
  • Dave Cushman’s Beekeeping Pages. Although Dave passed away in 2011, his web pages live on, maintained by his good friend Roger Patterson. A lifetime collection of beekeeping wisdom from a British beekeeper. Worth browsing, even though they are getting a little bit dated in some areas. {2020-05-25}
  • George Imrie’s Pink Pages. George Imrie (1933-2007) was an EAS Master Beekeeper in Maryland. Among his many contributions to beekeeping, he wrote essays to help beekeepers that found several homes on the Internet. This collection, preserved at the Internet Archive, is from the Tennessee Beekeepers Association. {2020-05-25}
  • Honey Bee Suite. Rusty Burlew’s site full of reference information, blog posts, and plenty of useful information for beekeepers of all experience levels. With an index! {2020-05-25}
  • Randy Oliver’s Scientific Beekeeping. Beekeeping through the eyes of a biologist. {2020-05-25}

Beekeeper Forums and Chats

  • BeeSource Forums. Very active, many points of view. {2020-05-25}
  • Beekeeping Forums. An international forum. I am not s ure that this one is still significantly active. Not many posts. {2020-05-25}

Online Applications

  • Honey Bee Forage Map. Visualize how far from the hive your honey bees could fly while foraging for pollen and nectar. {2020-05-25}


Beekeeping Supply Companies

These are primarily the “big” mail-order suppliers. There are hundreds of small companies that make woodenware and gadgets. Take a look at the ads in a beekeeper magazine to see.

Bee Hive and Comb Construction

Colony Monitoring

Observation Hives

  • The Bee Peeker. Frank Linton’s site with almost everything you ever wanted to know about observation hives. {2020-05-25}

Swarm Behavior / Swarm Management

  • Maker Bees and the Human Brain – Short video with Tom Seeley about pre-swarm decision making and how it resembles functionality of the human brain. {2020-05-25}

Pests and Parasites

Varroa destructor – Mites

ARS Microscopy Research Helps Unravel the Workings of a Major Honey Bee Pest. A summary of Dr. Samuel Ramsey’s work in showing that mites feed on fat bodies, not hemolymph as originally believe. Contains a link to the research paper. {2020-05-25}

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