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Articles under this category are written primarily for my beekeeping protegés. I was sending out an email when I had thoughts to share with them all. When one asks a question, if I think that it will help them all, I share the answer. I thought that it might be more useful to them if I post them online and send a link to it. I could put them all behind a login screen, but perhaps they are useful to other beekeepers, new or otherwise.

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Caveat and Disclaimer

  • These articles are not pretty, polished or carefully proofread.
  • Some names will be changed to protect the innocent and the guilty.
  • What is written is subject to change as I learn more. Corrections might be made to the original article or in a later one.
  • Caveat Lector! (Reader, beware!). Do not take anything that I write as gospel. Making mistakes is how we learn, and I have learned a great deal by making mistakes. Do some research and do some experiments for yourself. When in doubt, ask your mentor first. If I am your mentor, challenge me! If I make an assertion ask me why I said it. Sometimes, I will change my mind when I work them through.
  • I make no claim that anything you read here is correct, safe for bees or humans, or will work. You choose to believe me at your own peril!

Bee Babble Articles

Mighty Mites and Waxing Poetic

This Bee Babble was started on June 4, 2020, updated on June 21, and probably needs a little more work.…


Splitting Errs (Rhymes with Hairs)

This is the Bee Babble for May 22, 2020. I am a little embarrassed that it has been almost two…


Stay Home and Learn Something

This is the Bee Babble for April 1, 2020. A couple of online learning opportunities for beekeepers, free, are available.…


Bee Responsible – End of Life Planning

I do not want to write this particular Bee Babble. You probably don’t want to read it. As human beings,…


Swarm Season is On!

Page Contents What Flowers Are You Seeing?What Are You Seeing Outside Your Hives?What Am I Seeing Inside My Hives?Give Your…


Clean-Up on Aisle “Bee”

So this is my fourth “Bee Babble for My Mentees” article. The first three will appear at a later date.…


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