2019 Beginner Beekeeping Courses {Updated}

Update : January 6, 2019

Both classes mentioned originally in this post have sold out.
As of yesterday afternoon were a few seats left in:

If you are planning to start beekeeping this year … better sign up soon!

Registration has opened (and possibly already closed) for several beginning beekeeper courses in the DC Metropolitan area.

There is significantly higher demand for these classes than there are seats available, so if you are considering getting involved with beekeeping in 2019, now is the time to sign up for a class.

Completing a beginner’s class is critical to being successful as a beekeeper — even if you aspire to being a backyard beekeeper as a hobby. There are  many videos and blogs and webinars and such online, and there is a temptation to try to teach yourself from books and online resources. Unfortunately, there is also plenty of misinformation online. Also, beekeeping is a very localized activity. If you are going to keep bees in the DMV suburbs of DC, you really want to learn from an instructor who knows the weather, forage, health problems and conditions that will impact on keeping honey bees in this area. Your beginner’s class is also your best opportunity to find a local mentor to help you through your first couple of years.

Here are the clubs that have opened registration so far:

I will update this post with information about other local beginner’s courses for 2019, and when they sell out.

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