T Minus Twenty Three Hours and Counting

So I have been less than good about posting about anything since setting up this site.

Genealogy mania has kept me fully engaged. I think that my “Surgery weight” is going to be right around 320 … maybe a little lower. The last week or so my weight has hit a “plateau”.

Sadly, my last activities before surgery will be attending the funeral of a close childhood friend, Zahara Heckscher, with whom I just recently became re-connected. Paula and I stood as shomrim at 2 AM today. I was going to read to her from The Phanthom Tollbooth, instead of reciting the traditional psalms, but there was a surprise … another shomer was also on duty. He was brought in by the funeral home for coverage, not a family friend, but still, it would have been a little weird. So, psalms it was.

Other than cleaning the cat box, teaching Paula how to use the mailing list, and updating a few documents, I’m all ready.

I am actually looking forward to the surgery. Aside from a physical change, it is a symbol of a renewed commitment that I have made to myself to get healthy and stay that way.

I got some last minute “commando gardening” in yesterday. I will probably have to explain to the nurse putting in the IV line why both my arms and wrists are criss-crossed with small cuts and scratches. Pampas grass is very very sharp. I wore gloves, but I forgot to wear long sleeves.

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