Clothing Might Have to Become Optional

I don’t know if anyone has been reading my posts, but I figured that an interesting title might bring some readers.

The surgery went great. With the exception of intestinal regularity, I would say that my life is completely back to normal. I’m still restricted not to do any heavy lifting, but I have been cleared to start working with my trainer again to get my exercise regimen back on track.

The eating phases were not problematic. The liquid phase was primarily liquid protein beverages or soups. Upon release I was warned that it is not so easy to get to 1,000 calories per day sipping only a few ounces per hour. I found that my drinking capacity increased fairly quickly. I also found Ensure Enliven, which is like “gain weight in a bottle.” 350 calories in each 8 oz container. So 24 ounces got me to the desired calorie line in one day. I still prefer the calorie quality of Premier Protein shakes, although they seem to gum up my intestines.

The puree phase was facilitated by a stick blender, which would render anything into a slurpable mush. I had a little trouble tracking how many calories were in my mushed concoctions unless I added up all the ingredients and measured the fluid volume of the final mixture before starting to consume it. Adding unflavored whey protein to the mush boosted the protein and calories without affecting the taste, and thickened the mush a bit.

So I’m wearing slacks that are 3 sizes smaller than before this process started. I am not losing weight in free-fall, but I am down 50 pounds since I first committed, and almost 30 since the surgery.

I am now traveling for the first time, and I am managing to stay with the program so far. We go to a restaurant and either I order a small appetizer and eat half now and take the other half later, or I negotiate with my wife what she will order for her meal, and then I pick a little bit from that.

2 Replies to “Clothing Might Have to Become Optional”

  1. Dear Tia,

    Thank you for your comment! Who would have guessed that my blog would show up under a Google Search for Premier Protein!

    Good luck with your surgery date. I have not been very good about updating my blog (any of the topics) … life has gotten a bit topsy-turvy. I’ll try to add some tips that I just remembered.

  2. Thank you for sharing your WLS journey. Googling premier protein shakes is what brought me to your blog. On Tuesday, I’ll receive my surgery date for VSG. Your posts have been informative. Again, just wanted to say thanks for sharing!

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