320 and 105 are Excellent Numbers!

This morning I weighed in at 320.6 pounds.

It has been a while since I was at 320, and that was barreling (no pun intended) upwards in weight. So far, this weight loss is all me, with help from the nutritionist, a therapist who specializes in eating issues, and much more will-power than I have ever exercised before.

As I mentioned in my previous post, it is critical that my liver shrinks to make room for the surgeon. That is very strong motivation to stick to the prescribed diet. There have been a few small cheats, but I really do have my binge eating mostly under control right now.

This is what my weight chart looks like since January, 2017 (courtesy of the LoseIt weight tracking site). If this was the stock market, we’d all be looking for an open window in a high-rise building. For me, this is really strong progress.


Rob's Weight Chart since January 1, 2017
Rob’s Weight Chart since January 1, 2017


The other good number was a blood sugar reading of 105 a few days ago. One thing that shocked me into taking my weight loss seriously was the discovery that I had developed Type II diabetes. I have been monitoring my blood sugar with a home meter, and until this week, my fasting readings have been in the 120-135 range. My most recent hemoglobin A1C blood reading showed a level of 6.3, which means that I have gone back into the pre-diabetic range. The fact that my fasting blood sugar readings are also coming is another good sign.

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