You can make contact with me in several different ways. There is a contact form at the bottom of this page that will send me an email message.

You may email me directly: rbj(at-symbol)spotch(dot)com … substitute the @ symbol and a dot in the appropriate places, and you have my email address.

You may send me a secure message and cryptographically verify my identity on various sites on my page at Keybase. Add yourself to Keybase … it is a modern interface to PGP/GPG/OpenPGP that is usable by normal human beings instead of just computer geeks.

Do not contact me on social media sites. I generally don’t bother with Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn … though I do have accounts there. Really, other than software support, I have no reason to visit social media.

Email works best for me. For secure messages, use PGP/GPG/OpenPGP. My keys are available from any keyserver or Keybase.

The easiest way to reach me is to fill in this web form and submit it. Make sure that you type your email address correctly or I won’t be able to respond.

Contact Form