About Rob Jenson

Rob Jenson (I/me/he/his/him) is a retired I.T. professional (/(Li,U)n[iu]x/ systems administrator) and archivist. He keeps himself busy working as an urban beekeeper (see Bee Daddies Apiaries). Other interests include genealogy and philately.

In 2023, Rob is taking a break from being as “connected” to the rest of the world as seems to be the norm. What does this mean?

  • Email and text messages will only be checked (glanced at) several times per day (3 or 4).
  • The telephone will not be answered unless a call is expected. This is not much of a change from the status quo. Too many “junk” telephone calls.
  • If you call and nobody answers, please leave a clear voicemail, including a good time to call you back. If you do not leave a voicemail, the assumption will be that it was not an intentional call.
  • Social media will be ignored, most of the time. Again, not much different from the usual.
  • Response time to emails, texts, voicemail, etc. will not be immediate. Think days … not hours.

If you need to reach Rob about something that you consider time-sensitive, please adjust your expectations. You can contact him, and he will eventually respond, but his life priorities have changed.

Rob will be avoiding:

  • New volunteer gigs
  • Public speaking, teaching, mentoring, community outreach, etc.
  • Setting up / running /helping with telepresence meetings
  • Helping with I.T. work … paid, unpaid, “quick questions,” recommendations for how to proceed without involving him, requests for referrals to someone else, etc.
  • Any communication that begins with “I know that you are not doing this any more, but …”

Spotch Systems Consulting (SSC) has terminated active operations effective December 31, 2022. If you need home or office I.T. support in the DMV, try Andy at Digital Handyman. Rob has worked with him and highly recommends him for technology services.

Rob will continue to keep bees in Bethesda and operate Bee Daddies Apiaries for honey sales. He will also continue his work with Stamps for the Wounded. Beyond that, he will reserve his time for non-public activities.