This web space contains whatever Rob chooses to share with the world online. He does not post very often because he is spending much of his time doing things that he would write about, if he had time to write. At times he reads what he has written and decides that he is sharing too much … rips it all up and starts over. Occasionally I’ll drift into the first person instead of the third. In that case, assume that “I” is Rob.

Based on the web site analytics, there are not too many people who read these pages. Chicken and egg problem, perhaps. If there was more interesting content, perhaps people would read these pages. Of course, you are reading this now, so maybe that has changed.

The rest of this page are a list of sub-pages, and then a list of posts that are tagged as “General.”

General Posts

Please Don’t Ask

I have too much going on and I am completely overwhelmed with volunteer, public service and family responsibilities. It is starting to affect my health. This is a plea to everyone in my life not to ask me to help with any new projects for a while.


It’s né not née

Some time in 2017 I was bitten again by the genealogy bug. Again. I realized that I would be emailing…


Life is Back to Normal

So it’s Sunday morning. Other than rhythmically swigging Ensure or Crystal Light on a regular alarm every 12 minutes, I…


Is Metro On Fire Today?

I had to report to GWU Hospital today to get my blood typed and cross-matched for Tuesday’s surgery. I also…