Welcome! Bem-Vindo! Wilkommen!

ferthalangur.spotch.com is where I, Rob Jenson, write. You can call it a “blog,” a “web space” or a “babbelflangenor∂ablatt.” It is what it contains. It is personal, about things that interest me enough to write about, time permitting. There is never enough time.

What Will You Find Here?

Most of what I write about these days is about beekeeping. I spend most of my time working with honey bees, reading about them, mentoring other beekeepers or selling honey and hive products under the brand name of Bee Daddies Apiaries.

You may find some pages about philately, or stamp collecting. I am an active volunteer with Stamps for the Wounded, a service organization that provides stamps and supplies to veterans.

Genealogy and family history is another subject that receives some attention at times.

Navigating This Site

This is a fairly typical WordPress site and the layout is fairly generic. The following is just a simple overview of how to navigate it.

Across the top of each page is a black navigation bar with high-level topics that I expect you might find most interesting. If you are interested in beekeeping, you click on that header. There may be some subtopics that will appear when you hover over the heading but there is always a base page when you click the category name.

To your right, you will see the titles of the most recent posts, across all topics. Useful if you are interested in any random new content on the site, not so useful if you only care about one sub-topic. Beneath Recent Posts you will find a list of Categories. I generally use a “category” to label each post with the broadest classification of topic that it is about. That list is an exhaustive list of categories used in the site … the black navigation bar are the ones that I expect readers to be most interested in.

Below that are Tags. My posts will usually be attached to a single category, but it will have multiple tags. Think of the list of categories like the “Table of Contents” of a book, and the list of tags like the “Index.”

You can see all tags and categories, in a “cloud” format with frequency information, on this page.

Under the tags, you will find a search box. That’s a lousy place for it … I am going to have to see if I can move it to the top. Anyway, that is how you search for something specific. If you want to find my fondant recipe, just for example, you would type fondant into the search box.

I don’t find the Calendar very useful, but some people do. If you remember reading something interesting that appeared around November of 2019, you can use the calendar to flip backwards through post dates to find it.

Private Pages

There are a few private pages here that are intended only for access by family, close friends or project collaborators. Those pages will require a username and password to access. If you run into a page that requires  you to log in to access the content, you will need to request acccess via this form.

Comments are Welcome … Usually

I am happy to hear from people reading these pages. You have the option of commenting publicly, by adding a comment to any page or post that accepts them. You may also contact me privately.

All page comments require that you identify yourself, and all will be reviewed before they are released to public visibility.  I reserve the right to refuse to approve comments for any reason, including general apathy.

Rants, politics, religion, advertising or attempts to manipulate these pages or their readers are quite unwelcome. I don’t do link exchanges, and I’ve got a pretty good nose for link spam. Move along …

About the Title

I came up with it when I was working as the archivist at the Montgomery County (MD) Historical Society.  I was thinking about all the complications and workarounds that I had to deal with while working as a “lone arranger” in two small local archives. Velcro® proved to be extremely useful in many circumstances. I am not sure that it is archivally safe material, especially the adhesive. However, I never seemed to have enough on hand when I needed it. I thought that it would be a good title for a book about being a solo archivist and coping with the pressures of small archival institutions. I never wrote the book. One of my colleagues wrote a good book about being a lone arranger, but I still like the title.

Feeds and Permalinks

Like all WordPress sites, you can subscribe to changes to be pushed to you in your feed reader.  Just append /feed to the URL of any page that you want to get automatically updated in whatever you use to follow feeds. You will have to configure it in your feed aggregator. If you don’t know what this means … don’t worry about it.

Most pages have a permanent URL that will work as long as I am alive (and sentient) and the site continues to function. There will be a time when one of those two conditions is no longer true. At that point what’s here will be preserved in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (as long as that continues to function).