Welcome to Rob Jenson’s Web Space

This web space comprises the writings of Rob Jenson … beekeeper, archivist, genealogist, computer systems administrator, and other interests as discovered.

My writing is sporadic. My indended audience … whoever wants to spend their precious time reading what I have to say. My goal in writing on a public forum is to share something that I hope will be useful, interesting or amusing to somebody else on the planet, some day. If not … so it goes.

The navigation bar across the top of most pages should lead to the broadest categories of what I might write about. I try to classify each post or page so that if you are interested in one topic you don’t have to wade through the others.

  • Beekeeping. I started keeping honey bees in 2017 with a friend in my back yard. We have since expanded to several other yards. Beekeeping is the driving passion in my life these days and that is what I spend most of my time doing. We call our endeavors Bee Daddies Apiaries. We will occasionally have honey or other products to sell to the public.
  • Technology. Part of my career has been as a UNIX®/Linux systems administrator and security specialist. Another part of my career has been working as an archivist. These topics are getting very little attention because I’m now mostly retired. I am much more interested in talking about beekeeping.
  • Genealogy. The “old-fashioned” records-based methodology. I am, for the time being, discontinuing my DNA research.
  • Philately and Stamp Collecting. I started collecting at age nine. Sometimes I am active, often I am not. This is what I will do when I am too old and decrepit to lift a box of honey. Hopefully not for a long time.
  • Life in general. Whatever else comes to mind.

There will be private pages that are intended only for access by family, friends or project collaborators. Those pages will require a username and password to access. A form with information about how to get an account for to access private pages is available here. You will be prompted to log in if you attempt to access a protected page. There is also a Log In link at the lower right of each page.

Comments are Welcome … Usually

I am happy to hear from people reading these pages. You have the option of commenting publicly, by adding a comment to any page or post that accepts them. You may also contact me privately. All page comments require that you identify yourself, and all will be reviewed before they are publicly posted. I reserve the right to not post any comments for any reason whatsoever. Rants, politics, religion, advertising or attempts to manipulate these pages or their readers are quite unwelcome. Move along.

About the Title

I came up with it when I was working as the archivist at the Montgomery County (MD) Historical Society.  I was thinking about all the complications and workarounds that I had to deal with while working as a “lone arranger” in two small local archives. Velcro® proved to be extremely useful in many circumstances. I am not sure that it is archivally safe material, especially the adhesive. However, I never seemed to have enough on hand when I needed it. I thought that it would be a good title for a book about being a solo archivist and coping with the pressures of small archival institutions. The book never happened, but I still like the title.

Previous Web Sites

There have been several iterations of personal web sites that I have written since Al Gore created the Internet. Eventually, hopefully, some of the things that I have written elsewhere will be consolidated here. Until then, earlier versions can be found with the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. It is worthwhile for anyone interested in online information to become familiar with the Wayback Machine. For example, to view my old web site: Start here, and work your way backwards using the timeline at the top of the page.

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